A bunch of links

Published by Choan on 2023-02-05

Through the years I've published a bunch of websites. Most of them are now defunct, but a few are still alive. Also, I use some social networks.

My musical life

On choan.es I publish info about my ukulele books, repost some of the videos I upload to YouTube and, ocassionally, I write about my glamourous life as a successful composer.

Since 2019 I run a Patreon site where some generous supporters patronize my music. Join them and get access to more than one hundred tabs!

Ukulele scores

In 2021 I launched The Ukulele Bookshop, a place to sell my books and ukulele tablatures.

I'm happy to tell that by now 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele is on hundreds of homes around the world.

And ukulele albums

You can listen to my music and acquire my albums on Bandcamp.

If you'd rather stream it, some of my recordings are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and any streaming music service where you search for them.

Social networks

I enjoy talking about anything on Mastodon. I share my musical postings on Facebook and Instagram.